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updated March 19, 2015


  1. Mathematica scientific CDF apps
  2. Various simulation notes

HowTo, FAQs

  1. Mathematica-Matlab-Maple HowTo
  2. Basic simulink examples
  3. Networking/Unix
  4. Maple FAQ
  5. Mathematica FAQ
  6. Matlab notes
  7. Ada website
  8. Fortran notes
  9. Latex, htlatex
  10. Linux cheat sheet
  11. Octave cheat sheet
  12. Julia programming cheat sheet
  13. My old C programming card
  14. using PythonTex package in Latex
  15. my links

DSP, image processing

  1. Matlab radon/backprojection
  2. MRI Highly Constrained Backprojection
  3. DSP Mathematica package
  4. Butterworth polynomials
  5. Butterworth analog filter design
  6. IIR Butterworth filter
  7. Computed tomography
  8. Scaling factors in fft()
  9. Fourier transform diagrams
  10. Circular convolution
  11. FFT in Maple and Matlab
  12. DVD MPEG-2 decoding
  13. Image Restoration by inverse filtering
  14. FM modulator in simulink
  15. Sampling theory diagrams
  16. Mapping H(s) to H(z)
  17. Image projection matrix
  18. Digital communications cheat sheet
  19. optics cheat sheet PDF image

computer algebra

  1. Results of integration tests for CAS
  2. Event driven GUI in Mathematica
  3. Zero index in Mathematica
  4. Kamke differential equations
  5. Matlab-Mathematica-Maple matrix rank comparison
  6. On functional style in Mathematica
  7. History of Mathematica
  8. Mathematica 6.0 functions HTML PDF
  9. Example using Mathematica ScatterPlot3D
  10. Mathematica timing for Pi
  11. Maple 12 packages
  12. Newsgroup traffic
  13. Traditional math notation in Mathematica
  14. Rubi2 integration tests
  15. Making package in Mathematica
  16. OO in Mathematica
  17. Mathematica UI using macros
  18. Simplification in Maple and Mathemtica
  19. Kevin Charlwood integrals
  20. Mathematica animation in PDF using LaTeX
  21. Mathematica vs. tikz for making diagram
  22. Sums of sins to a sin
  23. Archive of Mathematica stackexchange weekly newsletter
  24. Symbolic solution to expansion of natural frequencies method for determining exp(At)
  25. Recusrive formula for integration of trig function

control systems

  1. Poles of inverted pendulum on cart
  2. Inverted pendulum LQR control
  3. Tune PID controller
  4. Mathematica control systems documentation flow
  5. Differential equations view of closed loop systems
  6. Converting differential equations to controllable state space form
  7. Mason rule to obtain transfer function from state space
  8. Hurwitz stability applied to Kharitonov interval polynomial
  9. state pole assignment design using Mathematica

Applied Mathematics

  1. Math cheat sheet
  2. Similarity transformation and SVD
  3. SVD norm measures for data reconstruction
  4. Solving Van Der Pol using perturbation
  5. ODE45 and Van Der Pol
  6. PDE's using FDM
  7. Lapack functions
  8. Iterative solution to ODE
  9. Eigenvalues Jacobian iteration matrix
  10. Numerical errors in solution of second order ode
  11. 2D Laplace in Mathematica
  12. 1D advection in Fortran
  13. 1D advection in Ada
  14. Taylor Series in single and double precision
  15. LU decomposition in Matlab
  16. Using Matlab ode45
  17. Penta-diagonal solver
  18. My matlab functions
  19. Finite difference formulas
  20. Euler circuits with Fleury algorithm
  21. Roots of unity
  22. Using Mason's signal graph to solve Ax=b
  23. Picard iterations to solve non-linear state space numerically


  1. statistics notes
  2. Random numbers in mathematica
  3. Hidden Markov Model
  4. Closed and transient states in Markov chain
  5. Hastings-Metropolis algorithm
  6. Statistics cheat sheet


Java packages diagram. (1.4, and J2EE). These diagrams are hard to read. I did them using VISIO by browsing the full JDK source code.
  1. JDK1.4 beta2 and J2EE 1.2.1, all packages on one diagram
  2. Official SDK packages only
  3. JDK 1.4 beta2 only, all packages
  4. 2SE 1.4 Beta2
  5. Java floating points
  6. My old 1996 Java cheat sheet card

school things

  1. Courses taken
  2. Universities I took courses at
  3. US school rankings
  4. PCA for cancer detection on microarray data
  5. Mathematics of HYPR Co-author
  6. PCR software patent
  7. Wolfram Research computational award
  8. Academic achievement award


  1. Stiffness matrix derivation
  2. Analyze 2nd order system in simulink
  3. 2nd ODE using central difference and FEM
  4. 1st and 2nd order ODE using FEM
  5. Gaussian Quadrature method for 1D
  6. Solving Poisson PDE with FEM
  7. Ritz and Galerkin for axial loaded beam
  8. Stiffness matrix for a 4 DOF beam
  9. FEM demo axial loaded beam
  10. Plain strain matrix for triangle element
  11. Response of closed loop system
  12. LEO to GEO orbit design
  13. Double pendulum equations
  14. Dynamics cheat sheet
  15. Aerospace cheat sheet
  16. Waves cheat sheet PDF image
  17. Thermodynamics cheat sheet
  18. Rolling disk inside another
  19. Screw axis kinematics
  20. Deformation gradient tensor
  21. Stress measures in deformed solids
  22. Vibration modal analysis
  23. Euler-Bernoulli beam deflection
  24. Pendulum on moving cart
  25. Serial robot animation in Matlab

miscellaneous notes

  1. Javascript examples
  2. Boeing parade of progress poster
  3. Change units of fig file in Matlab
  4. My chess games
  5. Book collection
  6. Some Matlab GUI I wrote with GUIDE
  7. Objects in DNA analysis
  8. Volume Managers survey
  9. ASCII table from the net
  10. comp.text.tex trend
  11. Latex2html installation
  12. old HP poster for LAN protocols PDF
  13. Column layout in HTML and Latex

Unix, Linux and networking

  1. rsync
  2. GNUmake
  3. Linux system calls
  4. MBR structure on Intel PC
  5. SNA to DECnet network architecture HTML PDF
  6. SNA protocol card. This was my SNA cheat sheet card when I worked on SNA networking HTML PDF
  7. SNMP traps

old items

PIC My fhe first PC. Dell himself in the Ad
PIC My reservation to go on the space shuttle on one of the first Thomas Cook commercial flights. They never called me