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Computer Algebra Independent Integration Tests

Nasser M. Abbasi

May 25, 2017 compiled on — Thursday May 25, 2017 at 09:13 PM [public]

These reports and the web pages themselves are written in LATEX using TeXLive distribution on Linux and compiled to HTML using TeX4ht.

  1. Rubi 4.11, Mathematica 11.1, Maple 2017, Mupad 7.0, Sympy 1.0 [63,648 integrals (not completed yet)]
  2. Rubi 4.9.8, Mathematica 11.0, Maple 2016 and Mupad 7.0 (Matlab 2016a) [58,469 integrals]
  3. Rubi 4.9, Mathematica 10.4, Maple 2016 and Mupad 7.0 (Matlab 2016a) [58,469 integrals]

1 Note on build system

The following diagram gives a high level view of the current test build system.


Main Files used


2 My PC during running the tests

I really need a faster PC with much more RAM !


This below shows example of CAS suddenly consuming all RAM in PC, and I had to terminate the process, since it did not time out as instructed, and just hanged.