Computed Tomography, mathematics and simulation in Matlab
EE 518 final project, CSU Fullerton

Nasser M. Abbasi, Nov 14,2008


This page will contain work I did for the EE 518 (Digital signal processing I) project I took at California State University, given by Professor Shiva in Fall 2008.

1 Report

  1. HTML
  2. PDF
  3. POWER POINT slides
  4. Power point slides in PDF format
  5. Matlab simulation of Fourier Central Slice Theorem
  6. some books on MRI

2 Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs generated from running some matlab simulations. Click on the link to start the animated gif running. Might take few seconds to fully load.

  1. xray of a chest
  2. disk with random noise added to it
  3. reconstruct image of Lena
  4. reconstruct another disk (larger image, slower)
  5. disk, fast run
  6. xray_50_lena_ram-lak_ANIMATED.gif
  7. xray_50_lena_no_filter_ANIMATED.gif
  8. circle_50_projections_ram_lak_filter_ANIMATED.gif
  9. circle_50_projections_no_filter_ANIMATED.gif