1 Introduction

This is my manual conversion of old and gone now Maple user groups answers.

These was orginally collected from MUG thanks to Dr. U. Klein U.Klein@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE.

The original MUG and original collection is gone, but I had old copy saved. I was not able to contact Dr. U. Klein in order to check on its status.

So I am in the process of manually moving all MUG questions and answer to Latex to generate PDF and new HTML pages, which is taking long time and will take many more months to complete.

This is done by using only the content of the questions and answers in the orginal MUG messages and starting brand new way of formating it into Latex. I tried to keep the same layout as the above collection.

This is work in progress.

Used LuaLatex for pdf and Tex4ht for conversion of Latex to HTML.

I kept all the content of questions and answer exactly the same, but improved the code formating so it is easier to read and copy.