5.7 3d plots to dxf (28.2.00)

5.7.1 Jochen Mauch (9.10.00)

I have a funny idea: I want to use Maple 3D plots within Kinetix 3D Studio. The stupid thing is that Maple has no support for DXF output, and 3D Studio cannot import VRML files!

5.7.2 Peter Hajek (29.2.00)

Please visit: www.maplesoft.com/sales/freetrialcd.html

to request a free trial of Maple 6, now with DXF export.

If you need something in the meantime, please send me an email directly and lets see what we can do for you.

5.7.3 John F. Richardson (1.3.00)

Try http://www.Web3d.org. This site can lead you to all the major software systems, some free, that can translate between 3D file formats such as VRML, DXF and 3DS (studio max). You can also try http://web3d.about.com.

Since I believe that the Maple VRML exporter is homegrown you might want to check the sites for applications that check VRML files for correct syntax. If you don’t have any sophisticated textures the translation process should be consistent from VRML to DXF/3DS.

5.7.4 Mohamed Bendame (1.3.00)

With Maple6 you can now export Maple 3D plots as DXF files which can be opened in CAD packages such as AutoCAD. This is one of the new features of the new release, and I am sure lot of people out there will find it very exciting. For further info on what’s new in Maple6 check the URL below: