7.17 book on maple (22.2.00)

7.17.1 Jose M Lasso

I need more material to learn Maple, can someone advice about what book to buy??

PS: Maple: An introduction and reference/Michael Kofler is a good book?, shoud I buy it?

7.17.2 Renato Portugal (23.2.00)

My preference goes for

A. Heck, Introduction to Maple (2nd ed.)

and also for

R. Nicolaides, N. Walkington, Maple a comprehensive introduction

not forgeting the ``Learning and Programming Guides''.

7.17.3 Bill Bauldry (23.2.00)

In my opinion, Andre Heck's "Intro to Maple" from Springer is the best choice

7.17.4 Ricardo Mansilla (23.2.00)

There are a lot of book. I suggest you one of my prefered:

"Nonlinear Phisics with MAPLE for Scientist and Engineers"

7.17.5 Helmut Kahovec (23.2.00)

I’d definitely recommend [1], [2], and [3].

[1] K.M. Heal et al., "The Maple Learning Guide" for Release 5, Springer Verlag New York 1998, ISBN 0-387-98397-X 
[2] M.B. Monagan et al., "Maple V Programming Guide" for Release 5, Springer Verlag New York 1998, ISBN 0-387-98398-8 
[3] Andre' Heck, "Introduction to Maple", 2nd Ed., Springer Verlag New York 1996, ISBN 0-387-94535-0 
[down] [up] Antonio Molina   (24.2.00)

I suggest you:

Autores: Eugenio Roanes Garcma y Eugenio Roanes Lozano 
Editorial: Rubiqos-1860, S.A. 
ISBN: 84-8041-112-0 
Fecha: Abril 1999

Have a look at: http://www.addlink.es/go.asp?page=/product/waterloo/book.htm

7.17.6 Wilhelm Werner (24.2.00)

Koflers book indeed is a very good book! If you have left the introductory level you should also take Andre Heck’s book (Springer Verlag) into serious consideration.

7.17.7 Paul Eakin (25.2.00)

Carl Eberhart has a very nice and free "maple handbook" on his home page http://www.ms.uky.edu/~carl

7.17.8 Paul H. Ware (3.3.00)

The book by Abell and Braselton "Maple by Example" is an excellent resource. It is certainly worth the price. If I didn’t have it, I would buy it.