7.26 bspline (13.6.00)

7.26.1 Don Ramirez

What has happen to bspline in Maple 6?

Error, could not find `bspline` in the library

7.26.2 Robert Israel (23.6.00)

Good question. It seems to have disappeared without a trace (not even a mention on the ?updates,Maple6,compatibility help page).

One thing I noticed by looking at the code for bspline in Release 5.1 is that it uses the totorder package, which has been discontinued (but I don’t think it would be too hard to modify the code to use assume rather than totorder).

7.26.3 Robert K Wright (11.7.00)

Below is a link to a b-spline generator I wrote that doesn’t depend on Maple’s built-in routine. It also uses Carl de Boor’s recursive formulas rather than the definition in terms of divided differences of a truncated power function, and thus doesn’t require a-priori ordering of the knots.


Hope this is useful to others out there: