7.34 bug in CMaple generating JPEGs, Maple 7 and 8 (31.3.02)

7.34.1 Moore, Chuck

I’ve been using CMaple to crunch data and create text output for some time now. It does a really good job at that. However, I’ve run into a problem in trying to have CMaple generate a plot as a "JPEG".

I’m sending a series of commands to CMaple. CMaple seems to process the commands OK (i.e. no error messages arise), however no "JPEG" is created. Yet, I can run (i.e. cut/paste) the same commands in interactive Maple and get a "JPEG".

7.34.2 Robert Israel (1.4.02)

Maybe the plot file is being put in a directory where you didn’t think of looking for it. It seems there’s a bug in command-line Maple 7 (at least under Unix): the "currentdir" command does not influence the placement of jpeg files. For example:

> currentdir(); 
> currentdir(tmp); 
> plotsetup(jpeg,plotoutput="foo.jpg"); 
> plot(x^2,x=0..1);

... and the plot file is found in /home/israel, not in /home/israel/tmp. This bug doesn’t seem to affect interactive Maple, or Maple 6.

7.34.3 Moore, Chuck (1.4.02)

Thanks for the advice.

The currentdir() command does not seem to work under (Windows 2000 - Maple7) CMaple. Further, the plotsetup and plot commands, which you gave as samples (below), work fine on my interactive Maple system. However, the exact same commands DO NOT work under CMaple.

I would ask of anyone who is currently running Maple7 to try and run (just) the plotsetup and plot commands of your sample and let me know if they work (i.e. produce a plot).

7.34.4 Robert Israel (1.4.02)

The behaviour in command-line Maple 7 under Windows 95 is similar to under Linux. The plot is produced, in my case in the directory "F:\\Program Files\\Maple 7", which is the current one (as shown by currentdir()) when Maple is started. It appears to be identical to the plot produced by the same commands in worksheet Maple.

7.34.5 Moore, Chuck (1.4.02)


I did the following on command-line Maple7 (Windows 2000) :

> with(plots); 
> plotsetup(jpeg,plotoutput="test.jpeg"); 
> plot(x^2,x=0..1); 
> done;

... and got nothing.

On top of that, the currentdir command seems to be non-functional:

> currentdir(); 
> currentdir("C:/Workarea"); 
> currentdir(); 

Again, the interactive Maple works fine.

7.34.6 Moore, Chuck (12.4.02)

Typing the command "libname;" returned "c:/lib" .

On my workstation, this directory doesn’t exist. Maple 7 is installed in C:/Program Files/Maple 7.

I dug up the information on the ’libname’ function through GUI Maple : my MAPLE environment variable was not set. The "c:/program files/maple 7/bin.wnt" directory was identified in the PATH variable though, which was why CMAPLE would start but the libname function returned only "c:/lib".

I defined (i.e. permanently set) the MAPLE environment variable to "c:/program files/maple 7/". Then, I verified that this fixed the problem by creating a plot using the test commands (below).