7.43 BUG in densityplot in Maple 6.01 (2.11.00)

7.43.1 Dr. TANAKA, Kazuo

In densityplot, we can specify grid[m,n]. Even though \(m\) is not requied to be equal to \(n\), we have birrare results when \(m\) does not equal \(n\).

For example,

we have a correct plotting by evaluating the followings;


The result is somewhat strange when we do the following:


7.43.2 Robert Israel (6.11.00)

Bugs in densityplot have been a problem since Release 5. Although the worst one, which caused \(x\) and \(y\) directions to be interchanged, was fixed in Maple 6, this one is still with us. A workaround is to prevent evalhf from being used, e.g. instead of densityplot(f(x,y),...) use densityplot(Re(f(x,y)),...). Of course this slows things down quite a bit.

It is corrected with Maple 7. (U. Klein)