6.1 a book of release 4 worksheets (8.8.96)

6.1.1 Carl Eberhart

I have prepared a ’book of worksheets’ for my Calc 2 students this fall and decided to make it available to anyone who wants to use it. A tar file is available at http://www.ms.uky.edu/~carl Below is the readme that comes with it.

These MapleVr4 worksheets contain the manual Problem Solving with Maple: A handbook for Calculus Students. by Carl Eberhart, Dept of Mathematics, University of Kentucky. This ’book of worksheets’ is meant to help calculus students learn how to use the language Maple to solve problems.

Maple, like any language, is most easily learned on a ’need to know’ basis by observing how others with proficiency in the language use it and interacting with or modifying samples of their usage.

This handbook provides lots of samples of problems and their solutions for you to inspect and modify.

The worksheet work2.mws contains a ’table of contents’ with hyperlinks to the other worksheets. Just click on the link to go to the topic you want. Each worksheet has several bookmarks which can be accessed from the View menu at the top of the worksheet.

In addition, there is an index worksheet which contains an alphabetized list of all the bookmarks in the handbook, with links to the worksheet containing the bookmark. Just click on the topic you want.

I have referenced lots of uses of Maple words like plot, solve, diff, and others together with lots of specific problems and their solutions, concepts that come up in calculus, etc.

I have included a version of a perl script I wrote to construct the index worksheet for the ’book of worksheets’. It has been tested in Windows 95 and also unix, although I cannot say whether the worksheets the unix version of MapleVr4 since it is not yet available.

Earlier versions of this handbook were written with the support of the NSF Calculus Reform Program grant (DUE-9252494).

If you don’t have netscape, but do have ftp, you can get a zipfile of the worksheets by anonymous ftp from ftp.ms.uky.edu

cd to ATE/ma503 and look for handf96.zip