6.10 advisor database for maple 6 (24.5.00)

6.10.1 Robert Israel

I have now made a new release of my Maple Advisor Database available at http://www.math.ubc.ca/~israel/advisor.

The new release is so far only for Maple 6: the Release 5 and Release 4 databases are unchanged so far (although some additions to them may be coming in the next few weeks).

Notable additions to this release include the following functions:

     csum - check convergence of a series 
     expands - symbolic version of expand 
     greatestroot and leastroot - approximate greatest or least 
     root of an equation or expression on a real interval. 
     PVInt - numerical principal value integral 
     quickplot and quickplot3d - fast 2-d and 3-d curve or 
     point plotting of a list or hfarray

I appreciate hearing any comments on this project.

You can access the Maple Advisor Database on-line, or download and install it on your own computer. The database consists of a library of Maple procedures, plus a database of Maple help pages in the following categories:

   - advice on how to use and program Maple, containing answers to 
     many of the common questions that users, especially students and 
     other new users, have about Maple. 
   - explanations of common error messages 
   - help pages for the procedures in the library 
   - work-arounds and fixes for bugs in Maple.

6.10.2 Tom Casselman (1.6.00)

I have downloaded Robert Israel’s Maple advisor database for both M5.1 and M6. How do I incorporate Bob’s databases into my Maple 5 and Maple 6 programs.

Bob was not able to help since he is not familiar with Macintosh systems. I am running using OS 9.0.4.

6.10.3 Wolfgang Ziller (2.6.00)

I tried to install Robert Israel’s advisor database on my laptop which runs Windows98SE both in Maple V5.1 and V6 with only partial success.

I downloaded the database in a separate advisor directory.

The only way I can get it to work, if I issue

libname:=`C:\\Program Files\\Maple 6/advisor`,libname; 
in a running Maple session ( / instead of // does not work at all)

If I put the same command in the maple6.ini file, Maple does not recognize the change (libname gives the old libname only).

Did anyone get this to work in Windows 98 ?

6.10.4 Robert Israel (5.6.00)

Don’t put it in maple6.ini. That is a Windows initialization file, not the Maple initialization file. You want to put it in a file named "maple.ini". You probably don’t have one yet if you haven’t made it yourself.

It should normally go into the directory that is current when you start Maple, or else in Maple’s "bin.wnt" directory. You could produce it with any text editor, e.g. Notepad or Wordpad. If you wish, you can produce the file in Maple itself, as follows (this will put the file in the current directory, appending to any existing maple.ini file there):

    "libname:= `c:/Program Files/Maple 6/advisor`,libname:\n"): 

Note that the change won’t take effect until you exit this Maple session.

6.10.5 Carl Eberhart (5.6.00)

Yes. Following the instructions given in the link http://www.math.ubc.ca/~israel/advisor/

Make a directory c:/Program Files/Maple 6/advisor and download the maple 6 database into it and unzip the database. then in the maple 6 bin.wnt directory create a file maple.ini containing the line

libname := "c:\\Program Files\\Maple 6/advisor",libname:

When you fire up maple6 again, the advisor database is available via help. It works very nicely.