6.12 aim: automatic assessment of mathematics using web/maple (30.11.00)

6.12.1 Theodore Kolokolnikov

We present AIM (Alice Interactive Mathematics), a web based system for automatically administering graded tests and homeworks with mathematical content.

The two distinguishing features of AIM are its use of Maple for performing computations and visualization of mathematical formulas; and its facilities for giving partial credit and feedback.

AIM also offers randomisation of quizzes and questions; versatility in question and quiz design; extensive grade reporting and monitoring capabilities; ability to collect surveys; web interface for both teacher and student. AIM can be used to administer graded tests, homeworks or ungraded self-assessment exercises.

AIM has been tested extensively during the last year at several Belgian and UK universities. A complete list of courses and sites using AIM is available at AIM homepage.

AIM is available free of charge. It can be installed on a Windows or Unix computer that has Maple and an internet connection. For more information and to try it, go to AIM homepage: