6.35 animated graphics (19.3.00)

6.35.1 Sandy Yates

I am using Maple 6 (SIX). I am trying to develop a visual example where an object by animating the rotation of a surface around a sphere that can be run below.

I cannot get the animation (through a sequence) to work.

Does anybody have any ideas how to get this to work? I am sure it worked one time!

 restart: with(plots):with(plottools): 
 f:=(x,y)->(x^2-y^2)/5 -5; 
 a := plot3d( f(x,y), x=-5..5,y=-5..5 ): 
 c := sphere([0,0,0], 2): 
 display3d( [c,a], axes=NONE, light=[0,0,1,1,1], scaling=CONSTRAINED, 
             orientation=[70,80], style=PATCHNOGRID); 
 display3d( seq( plot3d ( f(x,y), x=-5..5, y=-5..5, scaling=CONSTRAINED, 
             axes=NONE, orientation=[60+i*720/n,70], shading=ZHUE ), 
             i=0..n-1 ), insequence=true ); 
 display3d( seq( plot3d( {f(x,y),c }, x=-5..5,y=-5..5, style=PATCHNOGRID, 
             axes=NONE, light=[0,0,1,1,1], orientation=[60+i*720/n,70], 
             shading=ZHUE ), i=0..n-1  ), insequence=true );

6.35.2 Helmut Kahovec(21.3.00)

You may try the following:

> restart; 
> with(plots): 
> with(plottools): 
> f:=(x,y)->(x^2-y^2)/5-5: 
> n:=40: 
> a:=plot3d( 
>   f(x,y), 
>   x=-5..5,y=-5..5, 
>   style=PATCHNOGRID, 
>   shading=ZHUE 
> ): 
> c:=sphere([0,0,0],2): 
> display3d( 
>   [a,c], 
>   orientation=[70,80], 
>   axes=NONE, 
>   scaling=CONSTRAINED, 
>   light=[45,45,1,1,1] 
> ); 
> s:=NULL: 
> for i to n do 
>   s:=s,display3d( 
>     [a,c], 
>     orientation=[70+(i-1)*720/n,80] 
>   ) 
> od: 
> display3d( 
>   [s], 
>   axes=NONE, 
>   scaling=CONSTRAINED, 
>   light=[45,45,1,1,1], 
>   insequence=true 
> );

6.35.3 Bill Bauldry(21.3.00)

I believe the problem is that plot3d doesn’t understand sphere. You’ll need to use display to combine the plot3d of f and the sphere; possibly by:

  display(seq(display(c, plot3d(f(x, y), x=-5..5, y=-5..5);

Then you can use the animation on the combined sequence:

 PF := (i,n)-> plot3d( f(x,y), x=-5..5,y=-5..5, style=PATCHNOGRID, 
 axes=NONE, light=[0,0,1,1,1], orientation=[60+i*720/n,70], shading=ZHUE): 
 display(seq(display(c, PF(i, n)), i=0..n-1), insequence=true);

6.35.4 Clinton Wolfe (21.3.00)

Try this as the last line:

>display3d( seq( display3d( [c,a], axes=NONE, light=[0,0,1,1,1], 
            scaling=CONSTRAINED, orientation=[60+i*720/n,70], 
            style=PATCHNOGRID),i=0..n-1), insequence=true );

(display returns a plot object, just like plot3d.)

6.35.5 Robert Israel (21.3.00)

Your c is a plot structure, not an algebraic expression in x and y, so you don’t want to put it into the plot3d command. What you want is something like

> display(seq(display({c,plot3d(...)}), i=0..n-1), insequence=true);