6.42 animation problem in maple 6 and maple 7 for unix/linux (18.11.02)

6.42.1 Bertfried Fauser

While in mapleV the following works and produces the expected ‘movie‘ – no wizardry heer :)

> N:=10: 
> anim:=array(1..N): 
> for i from 1 to N do 
> k:=i/N: 
> P1[i]:=PLOT(POINTS([k,1-k])); 
> P2[i]:=PLOT(POINTS(1/2,1/2])); 
> anim[i]:=display([P1[i],P2[i]]); 
> od: 
> display([seq(anim[i],i=1..N)],insequence=true,view=[-2..2,-2..2]);

it does not in maple 6! (Only the last frame occure, all others are empty)

6.42.2 Thomas Richard(20.11.02)

This was a known in Maple 6/7 for UNIX/Linux. A workaround is to issue


before calling display(...).

To switch back to the OpenGL driver, use plotsetup(default):

In Maple 8 this bug has been fixed.