6.44 animation to web-postable format, to convert (6.4.99)

6.44.1 Joel A. Shapiro

I have a Unix (Sun) machine with Maple V Rel 4.00h. I am interested in making animations similar in nature to "Filling the Area" in http://www.maplesoft.com/www/apps/sinec1.html, which is a gif. I can generate what I want in Maple with instructions just like those in that web page, but I don’t know how to save an animation or how to convert it into a gif. ?devices says gif is obsolete and no longer supplied with Maple V.

The objects I want to show are line drawings and flat-filled surface faces, so gif would appear a suitable format.

6.44.2 Philip Yasskin (9.4.99)

Try Release 5. gif’s are working again. You can do a plotsetup(gif, plotoutput="myfile.gif"); before the plot and a plotsetup(default); after the plot.

This works for static plots and animations. This works on Win and Unix but not on Mac.

On Mac you need to export the worksheet as HTML and find the gif file in the output. (This also works for Win and Unix.)

6.44.3 Robert Israel (9.4.99)

It’s simple in Release 5, where "Export to HTML" will do the trick (the animations in a worksheet become animated GIF’s). In Release 4, what you can do is save the individual frames as JPEG files, then combine these into an animated GIF using some other software. There are shareware programs on various platforms that will do this, e.g. you might try ImageMagick at http://www.wizards.dupont.com/cristy/ImageMagick.html.