6.47 animations, to control the speed (30.11.98)

6.47.1 Leif Abrahamsson

Does anyone know if there is any way to control the speed of an animation (created either with animate or display([seq(...)],insequence=true)) via some option ( i e without slowing it down in the animation menu-line)? The problem is that when one exports a Maple-file to html, it is not possible to regulate the speed in e g Netscape.

6.47.2 Nobukazu Shimeno(2.12.98)

An animation is exported as a GIF animation. You can edit a GIF animation by softwares such as GIF Construction Set for Windows


I use GifBuilder on PowerMacintosh to change the speed of an animation in

6.47.3 John Pais (2.12.98)

I have had the same problem and here are two approaches:

1. Edit the animated gif created when you export the maple worksheet to html, inserting control statements before each image that sets the frame rate (delay between frames). For this I use the Gif Construction Set which is shareware that can be downloaded at: http://www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/gifcon.html

Unfortunately, there is no way to put maple-like animation controls in animated gifs.

2. I have written a Java animation player that has all the needed controls (stop/start, faster/slower, 1 frame back/forward). Instead, of exporting the maple animation, I export only the gifs for each individual frame and then read them into my Java player.

You can find examples of both approaches at: