6.51 applications of maple to physics and differential equations (24.10.97)

6.51.1 J. David Wright

I would like to know about any resources for using maple to solve classical physics problems in mechanics, electro-statics/dynamics, and quantum mechanics, etc. I am especially interested in those applications which would relate to the methods of solving differential equations and boundary value problems in these areas.

I am thinking about seperation of variables, method of Frobenius, power series solutions, differentiation of power series, recursion relations, polynomial manipulation, etc.

Any information about books, ftp sites, web sites, etc. would be appreciated.

6.51.2 Michael Komma (2.10.97)

Since you are interested in *any* resources, I can offer you:

Moderne Physik mit Maple - Von Newton to Feynman (ITP) and

http://userwst1.fh-reutlingen.de/~komma -> Physik

(both in German ;-(

6.51.3 Volker Schmidt (28.10.97)

I know only a german book: "Jvrn Borgert: Maple in der Physik" from Addison-Wesley (Germany).

In this book you can find examples for maintaine of energy and impulse, electrostatics/dynamics, differantial equations, optic and quantum mechanics.

6.51.4 Willard, Daniel, Dr., DUSA-OR (28.10.97)

Look in the journal Computers in Physics, published monthly by the Americal Institute of Physics.

6.51.5 Ron Greene (29.10.97)

My book, Classical Mechanics with Maple does some of this at a sophomore/junior level.

6.51.6 Tom Johnston (30.10.97)

The www.amazon.com book site has quite a few MAPLE books listed for various versions of MAPLE. Many are dedicated to solving diff. E. problems and applications of MAPLE in various areas of science and engineering.

6.51.7 Philip Yasskin (4.11.97)

Try our vector calculus package called vec_calc which can be obtained from


It will do curve analysis, differential operators in function notation, multiple integrals and line and surface integrals.

6.51.8 Jean GARRIGUES (6.11.97)

I have written a package named tens3d. It is available at


It is designed for tensorial calculus in classical physics in ANY 3D coordinates system. I contains algebric and differential operators on vectors and tensors.

NB: Actually, help files and name of procs are in french.

6.51.9 Nestor E. Sanchez (12.11.97)

I would recommend Enns&McGuire, Nonlinear Physics with Maple. Printed by Birkhauser. It has a lab book to apply the theory with Maple.