5.5 3d plot as a standalone object (17.2.00)

5.5.1 Bernard Marcheterre

Does anyone know how to transform a 3Dplot created from Maple into a standalone object that could be opened without Maple but in which you could still move the plot in all directions. I heard this could be done via VRML but have no idea of how or where to start...

5.5.2 Herman Jaramillo (22.2.00)

Here is a piece of program that I took from the Gallery section on the Maple web page site, without permission.

Reference: Gilbert Labelle, LACIM-UQAM, Janvier 1991

pic :=plot3d([u*cos(v),u*sin(v),u+v],u=-Pi..Pi,v=-2*Pi..2*Pi, 
   color=COLOR(RGB,.9000000000, .7490196100, .09803921500), 
# plottools[vrml](pic,`22.wrl`);

That example might be useful.