6.80 automated grading of maple worksheet (25.5.01)

6.80.1 Guy Gendron

I am using Maple in a course and I am looking for an automated grading program of Maple worksheets.

Anything available on the market that would read the worksheet and look for specific answers or commands?

6.80.2 Theodore Kolokolnikov (28.5.01)

Although not exactly what you want, you might be interested in having a look at http://allserv.rug.ac.be/~nvdbergh/aim

It’s a program that uses the Maple engine in combination with the web to grade math homework questions. It allows you to design math homework/test questions that the students can take over the web. The program is free – see website for more details.

6.80.3 Paul Eakin (28.5.01)

I’m not certain what your exact needs are.

We have a system developed at the University of Kentucky which may be of interest. We don’t use the worksheet directly but rather export it to html. Problem sets are created as worksheets with embedded tags delineating problems and describing answers and answer-format. The exported html is processed into a document and posted to the system website www.mathclass.com with a browser interface. The system handles all of the bookkeeping one would expect an automated system to do.

We are developing a problem-solving course for teachers which employs the system as part of an NSF project. The materials for the preliminary version of the course offered in spring 2000 can be found at http://www.msc.uky.edu/paul - look for the materials on ma375/310

There are tutorials for students and teachers - there as well as some sets of slides from some recent talks on the system. The slides from the MAA meeting on March 6, 2001 at the bottom of the page are probably the best description. They unfortunately seem to crash my Netscape browser but work well with Internet Explorer.

The web site mathclass.com is due for a major "face lift" this summer but is functional. Anyone is welcome to experiment with it as a student - there is a "getting started" tutorial there. Access to the course management and authoring tools require a higher level of access which we are happy to provide to colleagues.

6.80.4 Dirk F M Hermans (4.6.01)

It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but you may be able to do something with it. Look at AIM, which is a Maple based system for testing, build around maple code for assessing answers to questions. Yo’ll find more information on