6.84 axis labels (18.2.99)

6.84.1 John F. Putz

The following produces a plot with the axes labeled correctly:

> with(plots): 
> spacecurve([t*cos(t), 0, t], t=0..4*Pi, axes=boxed, labels=["x","y","z"]);

However, changing the axes to normal produces a plot with the labels reversed on the x- and y-axes:

> spacecurve([t*cos(t), 0, t], t=0..4*Pi, axes=normal, labels=["x","y","z"]);

Am I missing something?

6.84.2 Dr Francis J. Wright (22.2.99)

Having taken a look (using R5), I think it is just bad positioning that makes the labels appear to be reversed. By dragging the plot around I can make the labels jump all over the place. I think you have just hit on an example where the automatic positioning algorithm does not work too well.

6.84.3 Robert Israel (22.2.99)

Yes, to some extent. The "y" really is labelling the y axis and the "x" the x axis, although the "y" may appear to be closer to the x axis. The placement of axis labels is rather tricky, and unfortunately Maple still hasn’t got it right. In particular, in "normal" axes with the bounds symmetrical about 0 or nearly so it’s a bad idea to have the label in the middle of the axis.