7.2 background colour of graph (3.3.00)

7.2.1 Aldrovando Azeredo Araujo

When exporting a worksheet to HTML i would like to have control of the background color of the graphs generated as .gifs..Especially i would like to generate a transparent background gif for the graphs. Anyone knows how to do this or where to find an answer?

7.2.2 Craig B. Watkins (6.3.00)

You need to insert the command

plotsetup(gif, plotoutput=`figurename.gif`,plotoptions="transparent=true");

7.2.3 jed wallace (6.3.00)

i think the easiest way to place a transparent color would be to open the image.gif file in a photoshop style program. "magic wand" the white space and delete.

if you do not change the folder or file name when re-saving then there should not be any problem in the maple generated html coding.