7.3 backgroundcolor, foregroundcolor (23.1.03)

7.3.1 Kristian Jantz

Is it possible to set up a backgroundcolor for a plot in maple? i cant find a suitable option, i would also like to know whether there is a command that allows to set the foregroundcolor for all coming plots, so that i dont need to type color=XXX all the way

7.3.2 Robert Israel (31.1.03)

Under Windows, it is possible to set the background colour for plots in "window", but not "inline" mode. In Maple’s "Users" directory (or in the directory for a specific user, if you have installed Maple in multi-user mode) there should be a file named maple8.ini (or maple7.ini or maple6.ini if you have Maple 7 or Maple 6).

This is a Windows initialization file for Maple. It is a text file that can be edited with Notepad or any text editor. Look for a line that starts


If what comes next is default or 255 255 255, the plot backgrounds will be white. If it is 0 0 0, they will be black. You can specify any three numbers from 0 to 255 for the red, green and blue components. This only takes effect when you start a new Maple session; you can’t change the colour in the middle of a session.

The default foreground colours for most plots are kept (in RGB form) in the variable _COLORRGB. By default this is set to

[1.0, 0., 0.], [0., 1.0, 0.], [1.0, 1.0, 0.], [0., 0., 1.0], 
[1.0, 0., 1.0], [0., 1.0, 1.0]

i.e. the sequence is red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan (if there’s just one curve to plot, it will be red, but if there are several the first will be red, the second green, etc., repeating if necessary). You can change this. The RGB values for the named colours can be found in `plot/colortable`.

For example, to make the sequence gold, gray, maroon, wheat, plum, brown, aquamarine you could say

> mycolours:= [gold, gray, maroon, wheat, plum, brown, aquamarine]; 
> _COLORRGB:= seq(`plot/colortable`[c], c = mycolours);

7.3.3 James Frye (11.2.03)

I am having a great deal of trouble getting Maple set up so that I can work with it. The problem is that I need large, high-contrast text, in white (or other easily-visible color) on a BLACK background. I can’t figure out how to get this: there are no options on the menus, I can find nothing in the help that seems relevant, and none of the other users or the system people here know.

Is it just so obvious that no one ever bothered to document it? I mean most programs seem to be smart enough to automatically pick up the user’s settings from the OS, but Maple just presents me with a glaring white screen and tiny little text.

I’m using Maple 8 as a remote application hosted on the university’s system (using Citrix), and displaying on a Win 2K machine. Is the remote display the problem? Would it work if I simply went and bought a copy for myself? I don’t mind spending the money if it will work, but not just to discover that it doesn’t, you know?

7.3.4 Dr Francis J. Wright (16.2.03)

On a Windows XP Home stand-alone system the following works for Maple 8. It’s mainly a question of configuring Windows rather than Maple.

Open the Windows Display Properties dialogue, e.g. right click on the desktop. Select the Appearance tab and then the Advanced button. From the Item drop-down menu select Window and then select the colour to be Black. Then select the Font colour to be White.

The main Maple 8 window respects this colour scheme, but the Maple Format/Styles... dialogue box doesn’t and so is unusable. But, in principle and when using the default colour scheme, one can change most of the attributes of the text styles used by Maple and/or create new styles. So this should provide further control over the text used by Maple.

Whether this is possible on Win 2K and/or Citrix I can’t say.