7.23 bracket as execution group delimiter (3.12.02)

7.23.1 A. Prashanth

Got this basic question about how the bracket on the maple worksheet could be made longer to accommodate more lines of the code. each command should end with a semi-colon and the moment the ’enter’ button is pressed the command is implemented with the prompt shifting to the next bracket.

i wish to stay on inside a single bracket and build all my code there and not go on to the next new prompt (on a new bracket).

i have used quite a few commands of maple 7 but as i need now that all my nested for loops be run in one go, i’ll need to fix the problem i just described.

7.23.2 Stanley J Houghton (4.12.02)

You can use shift-enter to move down a line without execution .. eventually executing by pressing enter when pointing somewhere within the expression sequence you typed.

You can also join an execution group to the next group by pressing f4 on a windows implementation

7.23.3 Joe Riel (4.12.02)

If you use shift-enter, you get a new line without a prompt (the previous line is not sent to the Maple engine). Hitting enter after a series of shift-enters sends all the lines to the Maple engine.

If you do much programming in Maple you will want to do so in a separate text editor, one in which you are comfortable, and then read the resulting file into Maple (see ?read). Emacs is a powerful programming text editor, freely available on almost any platform. There is a maplev-mode available for Emacs at my home page www.k-online.com/~joer, it understands Maple syntax and has many useful features.

7.23.4 Dr Francis J. Wright (6.12.02)

The Enter key executes the code in the current execution group. You need to use Shift-Enter, which just gives a new line; it extends the execution group delimiter and does not give a new prompt. It is particularly important to include loop initialisation within the same execution group as the loop code, since re-executing a loop without also re-executing its initialisation usually gives the wrong result and can be quite confusing!