7.24 braille for mathematics (28.1.00)

7.24.1 Rafal Ablamowicz

I apologize for not asking a typical MUG-like question, but this group may know an answer to the following problem.

At Tennessee Tech we have a blind student who attends mathematics classes. A student volunteer takes written notes for that blind student which are later scanned and converted into a Word document. My special education specialists are looking for a converter of a mathematics text to Braille: they have a Braille printer but apparently it cannot read and print mathematics symbols in Braille.

Short of using TeX, mathematics can be very nicely typed up in Maple. Does anyone have any experience with printing mathematics text, possibly created with Maple, in Braille?

I would appreciate any information you might have on an appropriate software that would enable a Braille printer recognize and print mathematics symbols.

7.24.2 Chris Augeri (3.2.00)

This is a start, I just used


terms:braille mathematics notation





7.24.3 Bob Gotwals (7.2.00)

More braille sites:

Online instruction program, INCLUDING Nemeth Mathematics:


7.24.4 Steven Sahyun (15.2.00)

In regards to Braille and mathematics:

The Science Access Project at Oregon State University has developed a program to aid Blind students with math and science. The program’s name is TRIANGLE and it is a mathematics scratchpad designed for blind users.

It has editor buffers to type and edit math and science equations, a built in graphing calculator (the graphs are visual as well auditory), a table viewer, and a figure viewer. It is a DOS program and supports voice screen readers, Braille displays, as well as prints to standard Braille printers. The program is free.

We are also working on a self-voicing calculator program for Win95/98 that offers more capabilities than that of the DOS version.

For more information about these or other projects we are working on, please visit our web site at: http://dots.physics.orst.edu

or contact me