6.7 access to maple within matlab (30.9.99)

6.7.1 Mohamad Saad

Is it possible to access and execute a MAPLE program within MATLAB. I already have some symbolic programs written in MAPLE to model some mechanical systems. I use the numerical results to simulate these systems in Matlab.

I would like to execute the Maple program within Matlab, i.e from a MATLAB session and than to collect the data and use it in Matlab. I don’t want to rewrite these programs using Matlab symbolic toolbox.

Is there any way to do this directly within Matlab ?

6.7.2 Nestor E. Sanchez (5.10.99)

I had that problem last year. I had derived a set of ODE in Maple, but the set was too large to be solved using Maple. My equations were thousands of lines. I wanted to use Matlab to solve the system. I got in touch with them. They told me that it was simple. However, it never work.

I wrote them in the correct format but the restrictions of Matlab to read the equations were just impossible. You had to end the lines that continue with ... and then you can only read so many like that. In other words I just gave up.

There is not a direct way. You have to make a file with Maple and read it in Matlab with all the constraints. If you are able to do it, please let me know.

If the number of equations is low it must be OK.

6.7.3 Claus Gotfred Rasmussen (11.10.99)

You can use the command line version of maple (cmaple.exe) which can be run from a dos-prompt - that is if it is possible to execute a call to a dos-prompt from within matlab.

I’ve tried it from within SAS, and it was possible, but not easy.

Feel free to write me for more details if needed.