6.8 ace 3.0, new environment (19.6.98)

6.8.1 Sebastien Veigneau

I am very pleased to inform you that ACE 3.0 is now available.

ACE is an Algebraic Combinatorics Environment for the computer algebra system MAPLE. As each version of ACE, the new version 3.0 has been released on the 2nd of June. This third version has been totally reorganized in order to obtain an easy-to-use and efficient tool for computations in algebraic combinatorics.

It includes 18 packages (+4 packages of tools) to handle some combinatorial structures such as partitions, compositions, permutations, codes, symmetric functions, Schubert polynomials, non commutative symmetric functions, words, tableaux, polynomials in several variables, etc.:

            ACE : Algebraic Combinatorics Environment 
            SFA : Symmetric Functions on different Alphabets 
            FM  : Free Module over symmetric polynomials 
            NCSF: NonCommutative Symmetric  Functions 
            CLG : Characters of Linear Groups 
            SP  : Schubert Polynomials 
            SYMF: SYMmetric Functions 
            TAB : TABleaux 
            FREE: FREE algebra 
            BNA : hyperoctahedral Algebras 
            SGA : Symmetric Group Algebra 
            NCA : NilCoxeter Algebra 
            IDCA: IDCoxeter Algebra 
            HEKA: HEcKe Algebra 
            BN  : hyperoctahedral groups 
            SG  : Symmetric Groups 
            CG  : Classical Groups 
            PART: PARTitions 
            COMP: COMPositions 
            ERR : ERRors 
            TEX : TEX output 
            TYP : TYPe checking

which cluster about 400 functions.

It can either be obtained via the HTML page of ACE 3.0 that corresponds to the URL:


or directly by anonymous ftp on:

Name: weyl.univ-mlv.fr Address:

To connect to the remote weyl computer, run the UNIX command:

ftp weyl.univ-mlv.fr (or ftp

It will contact the weyl machine and ask you for a login name and a password. Give anonymous as your login name and then your electronic mail address as the password. You are then allowed to get any expressly permitted file from the server.

Maple programs are located in the /pub/lang/maple directory, among which there is the ACE directory containing the distribution of ACE. In particular, to get the 3.0 release of ACE:

cd /pub/lang/maple/ACE/3.0

ACE 3.0 is available for any UNIX, MS-DOS or MACINTOSH system, for any release 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Maple V. It provides also some pre-installed versions of ACE 3.0 which give you a way to use ACE 3.0 without running the installation procedure. This easy installation is explained in:


The ACE system will also be available soon on a Cd-Rom:


The Cd-Rom includes all sources of ACE 3.0, both as tar files and also as extracted archives. The tar files give you a way to get ACE sources and move them to your system in a efficient manner, while extracted archives give you the possibility to install ACE on your system without copying sources of ACE on your disk. It can be for instance useful if you don’t have as much free space on your disk as needed (about 4Mb) to copy source files.

The ACE Cd-Rom also includes pre-installed versions of ACE 3.0. This allows you to install ACE on your system by simply copying the "compiled" Maple files on your disk. These files are available as tar archive files, but also as extracted archive files. This has the advantage to give you a way to test or use ACE without installing it physically on your system.

The Cd-Rom also includes some related papers and contains the Html, postscript and DVI documentations.

Some data have been stored on the Cd-Rom. For instance, there are TeX files and Maple files that present some tables, of polynomials for example, that have been computed with ACE during many hours and even many days long.

It also contains all sources of previous versions of ACE, 1.0 and 2.0, together with their corresponding documentations.

If you decide to install ACE on your system, please send me an email for my own statistics...and thank you for sending this email to those who can be interested in using ACE.

If you have any problem or question, don’t hesitate to send an email. Thank you for your interest in ACE, I hope this system can be useful for you and others...